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Video Pro

400 Series VHS Videotape Cleaner – Inspector
VideoPRO VHS Cleaners — Rewinders Save Time, Money and your Valuable Videotapes

  • Cleans… Specially formulated cleaning tissue gently wipes away dirt, dust, loose oxide, hair and other contaminates that can make the picture look bad and sound distorted.
  • Conditions… Precision sapphine polisher conditions the tape surface for better performance.
  • Simple to Operate… Tapes are cleaned, conditioned and rewound automatically.
  • Fast… Operates at 60 times standard play speed. Cleans, conditions and rewinds a T-120 tape in less than 2 minutes!
  • Safe… Proven method used worldwide. Uses no toxic chemicals. Microprocessor electronics control speed and tension for gentle, safe tape handling.
  • Heavy-Duty… No flimsy plastic parts. All solid state electronics. Direct drive motor, no belts. All components rated for continuous operation.


The more you know about videotape, the more you will appreciate owning your TapeChek VideoPRO!

    • Size: 20″ x 18″ x 81/2″. Weight:40 lbs.