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TapeChek 6120CL

Model 6120CL

TapeChek 6120CL
Quickly separates good tape from bad! Eliminates guesswork when selecting the best tape to use.

All videotape is susceptible to dropouts, loose oxide, dirt, wrinkles and edge damage. Finding these problems before its too late is just one way the TapeChek 6120CL can help you.

TapeChek is the most effective way to evaluate, clean and condition your tapes — saving tape, time, money and maybe even your reputation!

Provides FIVE Important Quality Control Functions

  • Polishes tape for improved signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Cleans tape to reduce temporary dropouts caused by loose oxide and dirt.
  • Conditions and exercises tape for improved performance
  • PLUS! Good tape reduces wear on video heads and keeps VTR’s cleaner.


  • Easy To Read Color Coded CRT Displays
  • Simple, easy to read IAR (Instant Accept/Reject) Display.
  • Grades tape “good or bad” according to user adjustable thresholds.
  • Color coded bar graphs present magnetic and physical evaluation results in easy to read format. Six different time scales can be selected.
  • Tabulates dropout counts for every minute of the tape.
  • Provides actual counts for critical detailed analysis.
  • Graphically depicts location and quantity of physical defects. Ideal for inspecting pre recorded tapes.
  • Clearly identifies locations and number of physical tape defects in each 15 second interval of tape.

When Tape Quality Counts, Check Your Tapes Before

  • Studio And Post-Production Recording Sessions
  • Program Playback On-The-Air
  • Satellite Recording For Delayed Broadcast
  • Recording Or Playing Duplication Masters
  • Recycling Used Tapes
  • All Other Important 1″ Tape Applications