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RTI Testimonials – Game Disc and Video Stores 

  • Designed specifically for your business
  • Exclusive flat polishing technology cleans and repairs all of your discs over and over
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Very neat and clean
  • Fast

“We’ve been using the RTI machines for years. Our store bought the very first ECO unit. More recently we added their fully automated ECO Senior and their Eco Auto-Smart , both of which I highly recommend.

I really can’t say enough good things about the disc repair machines we’ve bought from RTI. They are in a league of their own. Besides repairing our own discs, we make extra money by repairing discs for our customers . Thanks RTI!”

“Working with Disc Replay for more than ten years, I have had the ability to use and judge just about every major disc repair machine on the market. I have found that the machines provided by RTI are not only of the utmost quality, but I also stand behind their reliability. We at Disc Replay have been using their products for at least the last seven years now and these machines have become a necessity in each of our locations.

While other companies may have similar machines that can remove scratches from discs, rest assured these companies cannot compare to customer service that members at RTI can provide. They will provide their honest opinions about the products they carry to ensure that the appropriate machine is matched to your business and, if a problem should arise, RTI will take whatever steps are necessary to resolve any issues.

As the number of our stores continue to grow, an RTI machine will be found in each and every one of them. I personally own both the ECO-SMART and ECO-SENIOR machines and use them constantly between six and ten hours a day with very little trouble. In the next six months, I will be adding the ECO-MASTER to the line of RTI machines I already own because I believe in their quality and RTI’s customer service so much!”

“I run a video store called Movie-Movers. We checked out your repair machines and they quickly became an integral part of our store.

We currently have 6 ECO Smarts in regular use, and in order to make our store work and stand apart from other “used movie” stores we have to make sure that the quality of our DVDs are viewed as new, not used, and the ECO machines have been a crucial part of that quality assurance process. As an added bonus the machines are great revenue generators offering solutions to customers who want their own discs repaired. We have looked into other machines, but nothing compares to the quality, speed and ease of use that RTI has with their ECO line of machines. Every disc that comes out of our machines looks like it is brand new and the operation is simple enough that anyone can run these machines in their spare time.

The results pay off, our customers love the service, our returns due to skipping or nonplaying items are almost non-existent. The machines work so well that other stores locally that have other machines refer their customers to us when THEY can’t fix a disc!

Thank you, RTI, for making such great machines.”

“We dealt with a competitor’s unit for over a year, thinking we were making a difference in customers discs.

Once I got the RTI Master machine, we realized the difference a serious tool is, compared to the “toy” we used before.

Our rate of return and repair success has improved, with customers now raving about the “new”quality of the discs! My only regret is not getting it sooner!”

We started our Play N Trade store without any knowledge of the disc refurbishing process , and we had purchased a lesser brand trying to save a dollar. After about 1 year struggling with the mess and dysfunction of the “cheaper” machine we were already looking for a replacement. When we found RTI and the machines that they have , we decided to go with the no mess Eco-Auto-Smart Machine. The headaches and problems we had with our original system were not even remotely worth the price difference . The RTI machine runs smoother, quieter, and its ratio of games that work after repair are close to 100%. I have since seen a couple of the other RTI machines in action, and for the quality of repair and the low cost cost of consumables , the RTI machines are by far the best choice for any business “. –

“Got my ECO a couple days ago and fired that mother up today. This machine is the real deal! Takes (discs) to pristine condition.”

“I’m very satisfied with it. Having quality DISC REPAIR EQUIPMENT is not an expense, its an opportunity to add new service…DISC REPAIRS…to your store.”

“Awesome! ECO keeps our discs renting. And we restore customers discs for revenue. $2.50 for a CD. $5.00 for a game disc.”

“Outside of my computer system, ECO is the best thing I ever bought for my business in 20 years.”