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RTI-SMART High Performance Optical Disc Repair System


It’s Whisper Quiet, Fast and Very Easy to Use!anicircle

  • The new and improved version of the popular RTI-Junior.
  • Not just a buffer…but a full service machine to both clean and repair all of your discs!
  • eco_smart_largePatented micro-abrasive pads provide the highest quality finish of any machine.
  • Wet process removes even deep scratches quickly. The label side stays dry.
  • No hand finishing of discs required. Disc is perfectly restored clean and dry right out of the machine.
  • Fixes most discs in 2 minutes or less.
  • Simple color-coded selection of repair stage. Magnetic pad holders for quick loading.
  • Microprocessor controls all functions — and optimizes pad pressure, speed and duration.
  • Door opens automatically after each repair stage.
  • Repairs all Game Discs, CDs, and DVDs — even double-sided discs.

“I run a video store in Vancouver, WA We checked out your repair machines and they quickly became an integral part of our store.

We currently have 6 RTI Smart Machines in regular use, and in order to make our store work and stand apart from other “used movie” stores we have to make sure that the quality of our DVDs are viewed as new, not used, and the RTI machines have been a crucial part of that quality assurance process. As an added bonus the machines are great revenue generators offering solutions to customers who want their own discs repaired. We have looked into other machines, but nothing compares to the quality, speed and ease of use that RTI has with their disc repair machines. Every disc that comes out of our machines looks like it is brand new and the operation is simple enough that anyone can run these machines in their spare time.

The results pay off, our customers love the service, our returns due to skipping or nonplaying items are almost non-existent. The machines work so well that other stores locally that have other machines refer their customers to us when THEY can’t fix a disc!

Thank you, RTI, for making such great machines.”

“Your machine has revolutionized our ability to deal with damaged discs. What once took us 6 months to accomplish with respect to re-surfacing and reviewing materials to see if we were successful, can now be done in a matter of days. We no longer waste time watching a movie or listening to a book on CD to determine if it is no longer damaged. With the RTI-Smart, if the disc looks perfect – it is perfect.”

“We love the RTI Smart disc repair system. It repairs our dvd’s and cds to like new condition. We could not do without it.”

“I oversee all of the staff members who use our RTI Smart Disc Repair Machine. We love it!”

For the Best Disc Repair System…THINK SMART!

flatnessEXCLUSIVE FLAT POLISHING TECHNOLOGY Compare the Disc Profile After 10 Scratch Repairs…DiscChek RTI-SMART vs. Others





Simple Pushbutton Control of 5 Repair Modes


  • STATUS (ST) displays machine status and pad number
  • TIME displays operation time
  • START (1-2-3-4-5) selects disc repair routine
  • STOP terminates operation when desired


Introducing the DiscChek DELUXE VALUE-PACK

It’s the complete Optical Disc Inspection and Repair System. Includes DiscChek 100 Inspector and RTI-SMART Disc Repaireco_smart_mid
disccube_largeMachine. Everything You Need for Easy, Affordable Disc Maintenance!

Don’t Throw Out “Defective” Game Discs, DVDs, CDs or CD-ROMS.

The RTI-SMART and DiscChek Inspector Combination System will restore most discs to new condition quickly, easily and at a low per-disc cost.


Dimensions: 12″ H x 9″ W x 16-1/2″ D
Weight: 28 lbs. (11.2 Kg.)
Power: 100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz., 150 Watts.

Call us for pricing • 800-323-7520

Don’t Throw Out “Defective” Game Discs, DVDs, CDs or CD-ROMS.