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RTI Imagica

RTI Film Scanners and Recorders - Designed by Imagica

RTI Film Scanners and Recorders – Designed by Imagica
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RTI has acquired the Film Scanning and Film Recording Equipment business from IMAGICA Technologies Corp. of Japan. The HSR Model Film Recorders and XE Digital Film Scanners are installed in many of the world’s leading feature-film Digital Intermediate (DI) post-production facilities. In addition, Imager scanners and recorders are particularly suitable for film archiving and restoration specialists.

RTI now takes over the manufacture, supply and support of the Imager film scanners and recorders, and is resourced to provide seamless and efficient customer support, with the help of ITC Japan’s existing team.

Both RTI and ITC are confident that this move will strengthen the industry’s existing equipment and support offerings, and provide DI and archiving professionals with uninterrupted global service support, complimented by an extensive product range. Contact us for information and a quotation.

Imager XE

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Imager HSR

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