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Model CF 9200 Ultrasonic Film Cleaner

Lipsner Smith

 Model CF 9200 Ultrasonic Film Cleaner


Model CF9200

More Economical, Quieter and with Greater Cleaning Power than Ever – Yet Without Using Chlorinated Solvents 

Now Get Up To 50% More Feet of Film Cleaned Per Each Gallon of Fluid 

A new chiller replaces the older compressor-type refrigeration system and provides greatly enhanced solvent recovery over previous models. You will save tens of thousands of dollars on cleaning fluid costs. Reduced Maintenance and Repair Costs. The new CF9200 design is simpler and more trouble-free. In addition, there is a 2 year warranty on the chiller.

The CF9200 incorporates the latest generation of powerful ultrasonic generator which is user adjustable – an industry first!

Operates at a higher frequency of 40 KHz and produces more cleaning power with 50% more ultrasonic transducers. More powerful cleaning action with the same important film safety built in.

Adjustable Buffer System Improves Cleaning Performance. 

This new enhancement to Lipsner-Smith film cleaning technology has been proven to substantially improve solvent cleaning performance. The user can now increase or decrease buffer pressure to suit particular requirements or individual types of cleaning work.

In addition, the new CF9200 incorporates a multi-cartridge solvent filtering system, stainless steel solvent and vapor lines, and refined cabinet and door sealing to reduce vapor loss and decrease running costs.

Whisper-Quiet Operation.

The newly re-engineered CF9200 replaces the noisy refrigeration compressor for solvent recovery with a sealed chiller system that is quiet and vibration-free. Now the finest film cleaning system is suitable for use in noise-sensitive office environments as well as in film labs and archives.

Clean Film Without Perchloroethylene 

Lipsner-Smith has designed the CF-9200 Film Cleaning System to allow use of one of the world’s most advanced cleaning liquids, 3M Novec 8200 Engineered Fluid.

Novec 8200 has many properties that make it ideal for use with motion picture film.

The new CF9200 has been especially designed for use with Novec 8200. Together they achieve dramatically improved solvent performance and enhanced cleaning ability. As a result, you realize safe, cost effective and high performance cleaning, without the handling issues of chlorinated solvents. Novec 8200 and the CF9200 improved cleaning machine design allows a top speed of 240 fpm (66m/min), more than double the speed of previous perchloroethylene based models.


Cleaning:Ultrasonic cavitation followed by high pressure low volume drying.

Buffing: Removable, adjustable submerged rotary buffing system provides additional cleaning action.

Cleaning Agent: 3M Novec 8200™ Engineered Fluid. Venting Venting is not required. Film cleaning room requires 8X air exchanges.


Film Capacity:

Model 9200: 4000 feet (1219 meters),
16mm, Super 16mm and 35mm. Model CF9206: 6000 feet (1829 meters)
model is also available.

Film Speed: 80-230 fpm (15-70 meters per minute)using capstan drive, 50-240 fpm (15-70 meters per minute)using sprocket drive.

Transport: Microprocessor controlled transport featuring one way clutch on take up reel for easy threading.

Distillation Time:Less than 2 hours, once weekly, depending on solvent condition.

Power: 208-240v, 60 Hz. single phase, 35 amps. Export version 50 Hz.

Weight: 1100 lbs. (500 kg) Net. Approximately 1350 lbs. (610 kg) crated.

Dimensions: 44″W x 33″D x 77″H (base 112 x 84cm, height 196cm).

Options: Models for 8mm, Super-8mm, 65mm and 70mm film. Full 2-year spares kit.

Upgrade Your Existing Lipsner-Smith Film Cleaning Machine

Because of it’s unique properties, it is not practical to use Novec 8200 in film cleaning machines designed for chlorinated solvents. There may be material incompatibilities, inadequate ultrasonic and cleaning arrangements and unnecessary levels of solvent losses.

However, certain existing Lipsner-Smith Film Cleaning Machines are candidates for upgrading and retrofitting to work with Novec 8200.

Contact us for details and prices.