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Excel 2000 - Industry's Best Non-Immersion Professional Motion Picture Film Cleaning Machine

Lipsner Smith

Excel 2000 – Industry’s Best Non-Immersion Professional Motion Picture Film Cleaning Machine

The EXCEL 2000 film cleaning system provides exceptional film cleaning power and speed, thanks to new advancements in cleaning and drying technologies.

In the EXCEL 2000, surface dirt is first removed by a series of four molded polymer particulate transfer rollers. The film is then thoroughly cleaned by means of eight sofrnap rotary buffers wetted with isopropanol or naphtha.

Cleaning liquid flow is adjustable in the EXCEL 2000, so that films that are seriously contaminated can be safely and effectively cleaned and returned to optimum condition.

Following the wet cleaning process, the film is carefully transported through heated air-assisted rotating buffers for thorough drying, then passed over two additional polymer rollers prior to takeup winding.

The EXCEL 2000 is operator friendly, with straight line threading and easy-to-use controls. Cleaning mechanisms engage automatically at startup. All controls are located at eye level.AII functions are under microprocessor control.The compact machine occupies less than six square feet of floor space and operates from 115 volts (220 volts optional).

The EXCEL 2000 is designed for use in film laboratories, film-to-tape transfer facilities, archives and other applications where the more sophisticated ultrasonic film cleaning method may not always be required.