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Library Media Box

Public and Educational Library Kiosk and Outreach Products


Manage your library’s media with ease with the Library Media Box! This unique dispensing machine was built from the ground up with your library in mind.

If you are currently employing any other type of security mechanism for your discs, the Library Media Box will save significant amounts of time and energy for your staff. If you don’t use any security for your media now, your savings will come in the form of materials that don’t just walk out the door!

The Library Media Box features one console for browsing, receiving, and returning the CD, DVD, Game or Audio Book. Optional browsing/reservation touch screens can be added on side panels or anywhere in the library for multiple users.

Once a reservation has been placed on a disc, the customer merely scans their library card on the Library Media Box to retrieve their disc.


  • High precision industrial strength robotic design and construction
  • Fully customized graphics on exterior
  • Complete SIP2 integration with your ILS included


  • Reservation module
  • Additional touch screens for simultaneous browsing and selection by multiple customers
  • RFID or barcode readers

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