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Printernet III

FSI - New Motion Picture Film Printer Control System

Printernet III: New Motion Picture Film Printer Control System

Modernize Your Printer Control System – Save Time and Money

Designed specifically for the latest BHP printers, Printernet III from Filmlab Systems International, a subsidiary of the RTI Group, is the latest generation printer control system featuring 3 ways to drive the printer, electronic light valves and fader.

Now a standard feature in the latest BHP Inc. Model 7700 Printer.

The latest generation printer control system for BHP model film printers. Since both are a part of the RTI Group, there has been close cooperation between FSI and BHP engineers in the development of this new control system, to ensure you of a seamless integration film printer.


Printernet III features:

  • 3 ways to integrate data: traditional punch tape, 3.5” floppydisk, network or PC download via a USB port.
  • Compatible with BHP, Bell & Howell, HFC®, Bremson, and Filmlab Systems and other manufacturers’ formats.
  • 1/2  stepcolor and lighting trim.
  • Cueing by FCC or external notch or RFQ units.
  • printernetfeaturesVarious test features included, such as a mode to check light valves and fader interlocks.
  • Seamless integration with FSI’s popular INPS software. The data for a particular movie is loaded into the PC by keying the job number.
  • Excellent accuracy and repeatability.
  • Printernet III can be fitted to BHP 6120 Series and the Model C. Users of Printernet II can readily upgrade to Printernet III.