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Filmlab Systems International

FSI — Filmlab Systems International is a leading manufacturer of motion picture laboratory equipment, including the Colormaster film color grading and timing machine. FSI has installed equipment at hundreds of motion picture laboratories, postproduction facilities and film archives, throughout the world. FSI has been established for over 20 years, manufacturing and supporting its specialized products out of its base in the UK. FSI is now a member of the RTI Film Group.

Colormaster Analyser

colormaster_smallFilmlab Systems International Colormaster analyser continues to set the industry standard for prismatic colour analysers.

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excalibur_smallEvery can of negative is numbered and its contents logged.

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Printernet III

printernet3NEW! Printernet III Computer Printer Control System allows scene data files from film color grading equipment to be downloaded directly from a server or PC, as well as from floppy disc or punch tape.

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digisync_smallDigisync film barcode readers are designed to read the machine readable barcode edge numbers on the motion picture film.

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