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FSI - Excalibur 2000

The Bridge Between Film & Video

Excalibur 2000 – The Bridge Between Film & Video

Every can of negative is numbered and its contents logged. The minimum data entered is the Keycode number for every section of negative with its frame accurate length.

Optionally, Scene and Take numbers, printer lights used when printing Dailies and descriptive comments may also be logged.

If the negative is transferred to video then the timecode at a starting sync point can be logged, so that every frame has a timecode as well as a keycode. Mid reel resynching may be performed as often as needed. In addition the frame rates of the film and video with appropriate timecode standards can be selected for correct conversion of the timecode to keycode.

Every work print reel is logged frame accurately, with keycode or edge numbers, fades and dissolves, spacer sections and optional comments can also be entered.

Alternatively the operator can upload from floppy disc timecode based data or EDLs, created by off-line editing systems by using the timecode data from the original transfer a frame accurate conversion from timecode to keycode is made.

Excalibur runs under Windows 95/98. With the increased power of PCs today it allows many options.

Compatible with: Colormaster, INPS, Pheonix, OSCR and AVID.

Excalilbur’s installation programme automatically uploads Excalibur to your hard disc and checks all your system settings under Windows. Where necessary it automatically adds or modifies the settings to provide the optimum system performance. For existing users your original setup files are retained, as backup files, should you need to return to them.

For further information, please contact RTI.