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ECO-Senior — Fully Automatic Optical Disc Repair System


  • NEW! Extra bright active matrix LCD touch screen control centeranicircle
  • Fully Automatic — Place a disc on the spindle, close the door, select the repair required, and push “Start.” Repair stages change automatically. Door opens when the process is finished
  • Fast — fixes most discs in 3 minutes or lesseco_senior_large
  • Wet Process removes even deep scratches quickly
  • Exclusive Flat Polishing Technology allows repeated repairs without distorting the disc surface
  • Neat, clean, quiet and very easy to use
  • Compact tabletop unit
  • Ideal for video rental stores, libraries, disc resellers, disc repair services
  • Save money! Save labor! Save time!
  • NEW! Optional Water Recycling System Saves Even More!

“We bought our RTI ECO Senior disc repair machine at the NPA Convention in 2007. It has been in use almost every day since we received the machine. We do all the scratched CD’s, DVD’s, and Video Game discs for our 3 pawnshops… We have processed over 5000 discs so far, and it is running today, like every other day. Thanks RTI!”

“The ECO-Senior II has made my job so much easier. It relieves the tedium of polishing discs by hand and does an exponentially superior job of repairing heavily scratched discs.

Libraries might think that they save money by simply buying replacement discs or cleaning by hand—I am telling you that this machine saves significantly on productivity and makes my job more enjoyable. It is also very simple to operate. Any staff can be trained to use it in minimal time. You may not know that you need this, but you do.”

“I couldn’t do my job without this machine. We have been able to fix hundreds of damaged discs.”

“We’ve been using the RTI machines for years. Our store bought the very first ECO unit. More recently we added their fully automated ECO Senior and their Eco Auto-Smart , both of which I highly recommend.

I really can’t say enough good things about the disc repair machines we’ve bought from RTI. They are in a league of their own. Besides repairing our own discs, we make extra money by repairing discs for our customers . Thanks RTI!”

For the Best Disc Repair System…THINK SMART!

flatnessEXCLUSIVE FLAT POLISHING TECHNOLOGY Compare the Disc Profile After 10 Scratch Repairs…DiscChek RTI-SMART vs. Others





The next generation of disc repair is here! TOTALLY AUTOMATIC!eco_senior_turret

Hands-Free Disc Repair!

Four disc restoration padson the rotating turret are automatically selected by the Eco-Senior’s internal computer.


  • STATUS (ST) displays machine status and pad number
  • TIME displays operation time
  • START (1-2-3-4-5) selects disc repair routine
  • STOP terminates operation when desired


Color LCD Touch Paneleco_senior_panel

Provides easy selection of disc type and repair modes. Tells when to change pads and other messages.

Introducing the DiscChek DELUXE DISC REPAIR VALUE-PACKdisccube_small (1)eco_senior_mid

DiscChek Inspector and ECO-SENIOR Combination System tests and quickly restores most discs to like new condition quickly, easily, and at a very low per-disc cost.

Are “Defective” DVDs, CDs, Game Discs or Books on Disc Piling Up on You?

The ECO-Senior and DiscChek Inspector Combination System will restore most discs to new condition quickly, easily and at a low per-disc cost


Dimensions: 12-1/4″ H x 9″ W x 19″ D
Net Weight: 37 lbs
Power: 100-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz., 150 Watts

Call us for pricing • 800-323-7520