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DGT MECH High-Production Fully Automatic Disc Repair System

RTI Disk Repair Systems - for DVDs, CDs, Books-on-Disc, Game Discs

High-Production Fully Automatic Disc Repair System

for DVDs, CDs, Books-on-Disc, Game Discs

MechThe ultimate in industrial disc repair! – Blu-Ray compatible machine also available. A high volume repair solution that is easy to use. Nothing in the market even comes close! With an unparalled repair rate of 96%, the DISC-GO-MECH provides your business with the highest quality repair and throughput rate in the industry. Working with state of the art companies, such as Baldor Motors and Festo Pneumatics, DISC-GO-TECH offers the highest quality product on the market and customer service that is second to none.

The MECH reduces your labor costs and increases output at the same time. With one operator able to run two machines, efficiency rates can be as high as 225 discs per hour! Operating the MECH is easy with only three basic steps. Load the machine by opening the safety door and placing stacks of up to 100 discs on the stacking spindle. Close the safety door, select a basic mode of light, medium, or heavy scratch damage repair routines or a multi-mode repair routine, then press the start button. When the cycle is complete, open the safety door and remove the repaired discs.

Other touches make the basic operation of the MECH a pleasure. The user-friendly touch screen LCD console allows you to customize repair cycles and even have them adapt for specific disc types. The built in volume tracking provides you with up the minute status on disc volumes, while safety features such as the safety door automatically shuts the machine off in case of a door breach. You can even customize the MECH with your own logo and color scheme. The MECH is truly the best solution for your high volume, high circulation disc business environment. No other system comes close.

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