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Public and Educational Library Kiosk and Outreach Products


PIKinc. offers the most compelling distribution systems for today’s libraries. Bring the “WOW!” factor back to your neighborhood library.

  • Seamlessly Connect Any System Directly to Your ILS Via SIP2 for Library Card Authentication
  • Increase Your Library’s e-Book and Digital Content Exposure with Convenience
  • Convenient 24/7 Access for Your Patrons
  • Kiosk Library Card Authentication: Protects and Secures Library Materials
  • Provide Library Services to Remote Locations
  • Staff-Free: Free Up Library Staff to Do What They Do Best

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Cedar Rapids Public Library Opening
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Cuyahoga County Public Library
[iframe src=”” width=”360″ height=”240″]
Brevard County Libraries Lending Library
[iframe src=”” width=”360″ height=”240″]

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