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CIR Archive Digital Film Scanning

The Latest Archival Film Scanners


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  • D-Archiver Cine 10 Series – 3 New Models
  • The Bridge Connecting Analog and Digital for Film Restoration
  • Scanning features permit having a digital record of the film as AVI, DPX10log, TIFF8b, TIFF16b, Jpeg, Jpeg2000 and a WAV 48kHz as audio.
  • Complete and full control of image parameters for a perfect adaptation to the film color space.
  • White LED light source with a special light diffuser to effectively mask the physical film defects.
  • REAL TIME Scanning feature: ability to record at 25 frames per second up to 4k quality (REAL and not interpolated quality) images together the analogue audio track.
  • Two different recording open choice workflow:
  • Direct Recording so files are immediately available in the HDD arrays at the end of the film.
  • 2 Passages Recording for a RAW file to enable a wider choice of output formats and/or for keeping a lighter file for storage.
  • Possibility to pause the recording procedure so to apply “on the fly” changes to the colour selections (on AVI uncompressed, DPX and RAW only).
  • Different files output as AVI (uncompressed 8bit), DPX 10log, AVI (compressed)*, Jpeg*, DV*, TIFF8 or 16bit*, Jpeg2000* and WAV (for audio). *Not in Direct Recording

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