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CF 8200P Ultrasonic Film Cleaner

Lipsner Smith

New Model CF8200P Ultrasonic Film Cleaner

The world’s leading film cleaning machine using Perchloroethylene solvent.

Decreased Running Costs
New construction techniques including cabinet and door sealing minimize vapor escape. Refrigerated vapor recovery from the circulating air and the film drying locations further decreases fluid cunsumption to minimize running costs and operating downtime. 

Higher Cleaning Speeds
Successful cleaning and drying at running speeds beyond 150 fpm with high-speed option. 

More Easily Modified for 3M™ Novec™ Fluid
Future-proof your investment in a film cleaner. Unlike other film cleaners, the Lipsner-Smith CF-8200P can be easily and inexpensively modified at a later date to operate with the more environmently-friendly 3M™ Novec 8200 Engineered Fluid.

Better Film Cleaning
The CF 8200P has an ultrasonic system nearly four times more powerful than previous designs. This ensures consistent cleaning results time after time. 

Global Technical Support
Lipsner-Smith products are backed by the RTI Film Group team…the largest global technical support team of any film laboratory equipment manufacturer.

New Enhanced Buffer System
This new enhancement substantially improves solvent cleaning performance. The user can now increase or decrease buffer pressure to suit particular requirements or individual types of cleaning work. In addition, to ensure acceptable cleaning standards, the wet buffers now rotate at over 200 rpm. 

Best for Telecine and Scanning
Lipsner-Smiths designs are the safest and most effective way to clean original negative. Physical contact is minimized by immersing the film in a warm bath of solvent and ultrasonically removing dirt and other contami nation commonly found in a telecine environment. Additionally, the name Lipsner-Smith demonstrates that the best available film cleaning technology is in use. 

Best for Laboratory
Reliability is one of the many reasons Lipsner-Smith has remained the industry standard for over three decades. Top quality components and exceptional engineering make the CF 8200P another in a long line of “work horses” from Lipsner-Smith. Additionally, advancements in solvent and vapor management make the CF 8200P extremely economical to operate. 

Best for Archives
When handling one-of-a-kind material, there is no second chance! In many cases archivists are dealing with film that is brittle and badly damaged. In this case, proven film cleaning technology is essential. The CF 8200P gives the operator the option of “no contact” cleaning in which the film image only makes contact with solvent and air. The CF 8200P is also ideal for nitrate stock that must be cleaned delicately using a nonflammable solvent. 




CF8200P Specifications

Cleaning Ultrasonic cavitation followed by high pressure low volume drying.
Buffing Removable submerged rotary buffing system provides additional cleaning action.
Cleaning Agent Perchloroethylene. Can be factory modified to operate with 3M™ Novec 8200™ Engineered Fluid.
Film Capacity 4000 feet (1219 meters), 16, Super 16 and 35mm
Film speed Film Speed 150 feet per minute and beyond.
Transport Microprocessor controlled transport featuring one way clutch on take up reel for easy threading of core.
Display 2 line x 20 character vacuum fluorescent user interface display. Digital footage counter, pressure and temperature gauges
Cleaning Tank Capacity 3.5 gallons (13.5 liters)
Distillation Tank Capacity 4.5 gallons (17 liters)
Distillation Time 3-4 hours depending on solvent
Power 208-240v, 60 Hz. single phase, 35 amps. Export version 50 Hz.
Weight 1100 Lbs. (500 kg).
Shipping Weight Approximately 1350 Lbs. (610 Kg)
Dimensions 44″W x 33″D x 77″H (base 112cm x 84cm, height 196cm)
Options Models for 8mm, Super-8mm 65mm and 70mm film.
Drive sprockets.
6000 foot reel length capacity.
High Speed Option.
Full 2-year spares kit.