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Calder Loop Cabinets

Two Calder Equipment Company loop cabinets shown on a BHP, Inc. Printer System.
At present Calder manufacture three basic types of Loop Cabinet all capable of running at 480 ft/min:

  • Up to 150 ft non powered Dimensions: 21” x 21”x 77” W x D x H
  • Up to 500 ft powered Dimensions: 31” x 24” x 77” W x D x H
  • Double up to 500 ft (Picture Neg. & Sub Title Neg.) powered, to be used with one off item b. for Sound Neg.

LC2                    Cabinet open               LC11

All rollers are supplied with Soft Touch Tyres and are mounted on two ball bearings to reduce friction to a minimum. Shockless Anti-Static bars can be fitted if required they are designed for High Speed applications providing very fast response decay times and effective ionisation up to a distance of 6”(150mm).

Loop cabinets are normally supplied in pairs (one left hand and one right hand) one for Picture and one for Sound. Each Loop Cabinet is made from polished S306 Stainless steel with Aluminium framed toughened glass doors to reduce static build-up. Mounted on Polyurethane tyred lockable casters to enable each Loop Cabinet to be easily moved when not required.

The Loop Cabinet may be used with any make of printer with the addition of sprocket drive rollers in place of the film cores, these may be supplied if required.

We will custom design loop cabinets to meet your individual requirements. Contact us for a prompt quotation.