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About RTI

Since 1970


With 46 years in business, and a team that has over 400 years combined experienced, RTI continues to develop new generations of products for emerging technologies in media capture and delivery systems.



Headquartered in Lincolnwood, Illinois, just outside of Chicago, RTI was founded in 1970 by Ray L. Short, Jr.  

The RTI Group has a diverse range of specialist products, services, equipment and software. We have thousands of installations globally in leading media institutions and organizations. Our customers are leading in the fields of:

• Public & Educational Libraries

• Motion Picture & TV Post Production

• Gaming

• Major On-Line Retailers

• National and local film and video archives

•Content digitization and migration, as part of the Media Asset Management industries

RTI has a history of adapting to changes in media formats over the years, while at the same time providing ongoing support to customers by continuing to manufacture products for legacy formats many years after competitors have disappeared.


In 1970, RTI’s, first product was a high speed automatic 16mm film inspection system, which came to be used by over 4,000 libraries throughout the world and captured 100% share of the market. As RTI’s customers in the 1980’s moved out of 16mm film to VHS tape, we followed with our TapeChek range, which developed into products for the world’s major broadcasters in TV formats such as Betacam and U-Matic 3/4 inch. The latest versions of those products are still manufactured to this day. More acquisitions followed over the last 15 years. In 2016, RTI expanded its product offerings even further, this time to the public and educational library market, with the acquisition of PIK Inc – Public Information Kiosk, a leading manufacturer of 24/7 and Library Outreach products.
In 2015, Jonathan Banks, a 33-year member of RTI, became President and CEO of the RTI Group. Jonathan has an ambitious agenda to build on RTI’s achievements by providing innovative products and class leading customer service support.









The RTI Group comprises a wide range of international companies, and many famous brands, all specializing in certain key technical aspects of the content and media distribution industries. 


Famous brands of RTI include:


TapeChek       -Professional Broadcast formats tape rejuvenation, inspection and cleaning

DGT Logo (2)              -RTI’s DGT lines of professional disc repair products

MM-PIKinc             -The Library Media Box, Lending Library, TouchPac; Automatic e-Book Lending Kiosk

DiscChek JPG      -Professional Optical Disc Repair and Inspection Technology

BHPInc   -PrinterNet – BHP printer control systems

CIRred                       – Specialist film archive digital scanning, inspection and QC systems.

•Note: CIR products are manufactured in Italy by CIR and are distributed and supported exclusively worldwide by RTI.




Wholly owned subsidiaries (and their date of joining us) of RTI include:

•BHP Inc (Formerly Bell & Howell Professional Division), Chicago, USA (2000)

•Calder Equipment Ltd, Harpenden, UK (2004)

•Disc Go Technologies, Vancouver, BC Canada (2011)

•Filmlab International Systems (2007)

•Imagica Film Scanners and Recorder Division, Tokyo, Japan (2009)

•Lipsner Smith, Chicago, USA (1980)

•Public Information Kiosk (PIK Inc), Germantown, MD, USA (2016)

•Treise Engineering, California, USA (2005)




Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality archival and media distribution products. We continue to refine our quality, increase our efficiency, elevate our level of customer service and work hard to ensure you realize significant value for your investment, both today and into the future.