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About RTI

Since 1970

With 45 years in business, RTI continues to develop new generations of products for emerging technologies in media capture and delivery systems.


SIDEbarImagesRTI opened our doors for business in 1970. Our first product was the Retectron automatic 16mm film inspection machine, designed, built and sold by our company’s founders, Ray L. Short, Jr. and Howard Bowen.

Today, RTI Companies include RTI: Research Technology International, the internationally known manufacturer of TapeChek professional videotape care equipment, DiscChek optical disc care equipment, and also includes Lipsner-Smith motion picture film cleaning machines, film laboratory products, flexible circuit and flexible substrate cleaners, BHP Inc. motion picture film printers, Calder Equipment Ltd. and Treise Engineering Inc. film processing equipment manufacturers, Filmlab Systems International, and most recently RTI Film Scanners and Recorders Designed by Imagica. Finally, RTI offers the RTI-Tek Media, line of audiovisual supplies.

With 45 years in business, RTI continues to develop new generations of products for emerging technologies in media capture and delivery systems.


The RTI Film Group consists of:
BHP Printers: BHP is the world’s most experienced manufacturer of precision motion picture film laboratory equipment. As the successor to the Professional Equipment Division of Bell & Howell Company by a group of long time Professional Division employees, BHP is proud to continue the tradition of engineering and manufacturing excellence, which began in 1907.

Over the years, engineering innovation, improvements in manufacturing techniques, and adherence to strict quality standards have led to a series of printers and accessories that have continually been the first choice of motion picture laboratories throughout the world. BHP has amassed numerous Emmy and Academy awards for our development of equipment for the Motion Picture Industry.

Lipsner Smith: For 50 years, Lipsner Smith has been producing the world standard in ultrasonic and low cost non-immersion motion picture film cleaning systems and a full range of film laboratory equipment. Like BHP, Lipsner Smith has amassed several Emmy and Academy awards for our development of equipment for the Motion Picture Industry. Lipsner Smith now offers a complete range of custom designed, reel-to-reel, flexible circuitry and flexible substrate cleaners.

Treise Engineering: Established in 1954 near Hollywood, California, Treise Engineering designed machines are used by motion picture film laboratories, film archive and restoration operations and feature film and TV post production facilities. Treise products are now built in the RTI 60,000 square foot Lincolnwood, Illinois factory. Treise will custom design film processing equipment and upgrades for most film formats and speeds, and can offer laboratory design and installation consultancy services. Treise Processors are in some of the most distinguished film processing labs in the world. We are very proud of our involvement in the state of the art Library of Congress Laboratory located in Culpeper Virginia. Treise was awarded the build and installation of 8 processors. That project was completed in 2009.

Calder Equipment, LTD: Since 1972, Calder Equipment Limited has offered a range of simple, reliable film processors, designed and fabricated to meet our individual customers’ requirement. Now also built in our Lincolnwood, Illinois factory. Whatever the film stock, format or speed desired, Calder will provide the engineering and manufacturing know-how to build equipment that will do the job. Our 300 installations around the world attest to the quality and reliability of our product.

Filmlab Systems International: FSI Filmlab Systems International is a leading manufacturer of motion picture laboratory equipment, including the Colormaster film color grading and timing machine. FSI has installed equipment at hundreds of motion picture laboratories, postproduction facilities and film archives, throughout the world. FSI has been established for over 20 years, manufacturing and supporting its specialized products out of its base in the UK. FSI is now a member of the RTI Film Group.

RTI Film Scanners and Recorders Designed by Imagica: ITC IMAGICA Technologies Corp. has been designing, manufacturing and supporting its Imager series of Film Scanners for almost 20 years, and introduced the HSR model Film Recorder in 2007. The equipment is installed in many of the world’s leading feature film Digital Intermediate (DI) post-production facilities. In addition, Imager scanners and recorders are particularly suitable for film archiving and restoration specialists.

RTI-UK Limited: RTI (UK) Limited is the European office base of the RTI Group. It was originally started as far back as 1961 when it was the international operation of Lipsner Smith Company, based in Uxbridge, England.

When Lipsner Smith became part of RTI, the office expanded its field of activities to provide sales and service support for all RTI Group products, not just in Europe, but Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Today, RTI UK has a strong team of experienced sales and service technicians. Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced individuals who travel frequently worldwide, to discuss new projects and equipment, and to provide effective global support for end users.