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RTI Testimonials – Pawnbrokers

  • Designed specifically for your business
  • Exclusive flat polishing technology cleans and repairs all of your discs over and over
  • Whisper-quiet
  • Very neat and clean
  • Fast

“We bought our RTI ECO Senior disc repair machine at the NPA Convention in 2007. It has been in use almost every day since we received the machine. We do all the scratched CD’s, DVD’s, and Video Game discs for our 3 pawnshops… We have processed over 5000 discs so far, and it is running today, like every other day. Thanks RTI!”

“Here’s our ECO-Master machine which runs flawlessly 6 days a week, 12 hours a day. We love it!”

“It has paid for itself and most importantly it has brought in a steady flow of traffic to our store to buy movies.”

“Earlier this year we switched to the ECO. Absolutely foolproof! Worth every penny as 99% of discs come out perfect and don’t need any wiping!”

“Every disc comes out great looking LIKE NEW! This investment will pay off!”

“It’s a Money Maker! You loan or buy scratched discs for less and fix ‘em!”